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Whether it’s a new brand or for a special event

- let's make it happen!

We at Pinnock Distillery don’t do things by half! We’re a micro distillery, with an array of major awards for our own gin collection, but we want to help you create something truly special and bottle it too. We have already produced several bespoke spirits for our clients across the UK, as well as products for weddings and corporate events. Whether you are starting out as a new brand, want a product that symbolises your existing organisation or purely want something world-class for a one-off event, you’ve come to the right place!


Our aim is to work with you to develop a premium product that meets your requirements and stands out in the marketplace. We want you to be involved from the very get-go, in creating your very own unique botanical profile, which is why you will be invited to our Castle Gin School to work with us on a quality premium spirit. We will also factor in a plan for your approach to design and marketing - after all, a huge part of making a new product a success is down how it looks on a shelf, as well as telling a story that incorporates the unique provenance that your customers can relate to. 


With the extensive knowledge we’ve gained from running our own brand and helping others with theirs, we can also offer support and advice on the latest customs and licensing information, in order to implement this correctly on bottles, as well as ensuring you are up to date with all required licences. We also work on small minimum order quantities, so that you’re not committing huge amounts of capital into the project in one go, allowing you greater flexibility and confidence in the long run. 

For weddings and corporate events, we are very often asked to supply custom labelled products - be it miniatures for wedding favours or for complimentary gifts. Whatever the requirement, we can assist you and make it special! Whether it's label design work, or where to source your bottles and stoppers - we’re here to help. We also offer our bottling and finishing services, so that the finished product is ready for you, when and where you need it.


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